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Spice Tour

The exciting spice tour is a highlight of most trips to zanzibar.

Over the centuries, Zanzibar’s cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many other spices brought the sultans of Oman across the Indian Ocean by dhow on the seasonal trade winds. A half or full-day Spice Tour introduces you to most of Zanzibar's spices and fruits, (depending on the season).

Most tours include yummy lunches of seafood or Zanzibar curry, coconut milk, and plenty of fresh fruit. The exotic spices and fruits are grown in the plantations just outside of Stone Town and there’s ample opportunity to dazzle the senses as you taste and smell them and guess what they are.

The guides give detailed descriptions of what the various plants are used for, though not all of them are for food. The leaves of the neem tree were once used as a cure for malaria and indigestion, the iodine tree produces a deep red sap used to fight infection. Other spices include nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, tamarind, menthol and cloves.

Do you arrive to zanzibar in january, you must risk tasting the special "durian fruit." As the locals says: "It smells like Hell, but it tastes like Heaven!"