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Jozani Forest in the centre of Zanzibar has been declared a protected reserve. It covers 44 sq km, roughly 3% of the whole island. It is 24 km southeast of Stone Town - an easy stop-off en route to Zanzibar Dolphin View Paradise Resort.
The reserve contains a large mangrove swamp and a tract of natural forest that is home to a few unique species including the red colobus monkey, Sykes monkey, bush babies, duikers, hyraxes, over 50 species of butterfly and 40 species of birds.

The reserve is completely managed by the local people who operate tree nurseries and act as rangers and guides. From the visitors' centre on the main road to the south, thereís a 45-minute nature trail accompanied by a knowledgeable guide into the beautiful and very peaceful forest.
Thereís good opportunity to spot the red colobus monkey, many of which habitat the trees around the visitorís centre. It is a highly endangered species and is only found here in Zanzibarís Jozani Forest.