Dolphins Adventure

The coast around Kizimkazi has several caves that are favourite dolphin calving grounds, some 100 bottlenose and 50 humpback dolphins have taken permanent residence.

On our trips there are an excellent chance of sighting pods og 20-30 dolphins.

We will try to give you an opportunity to swim with the dolphins. We will pop you in to the waters in a reasonable distance in front of the pods. Dolphins are curious creatures and will probably come to check you out.

There are 3 main types of Dolphins at Kizimkazi.

The Bottlenose dolphins are black and friendly.They live in groups.

The Humbacked dolphins are white and black and are very shy.

The Spinners dolphins are small dolphins and famous for acrobatic displays.

Things to know.

*The tour takes 2 hrs maximum


*The main time is 6:30 in the morning and 4:00 in the evening depending of the season. We recommend to schedule the tour in advance and take weather conditions in considerations.


*You will meet one staff at the reception and will take you to the jetty or the beach.


*The pick up/Drop point depends of the tide and weather condition, it can be

The jetty

The beach

The village beach

If it is high tide and the sea is cool and calm the trip will start at the jetty.

If it is high tide and the sea is rough the trip will start at the beach for security purposes.

When its low tide there is 5 /10 minutes walk up to the reef. Please to not forget to take shoes, sun cream and cap.

*There will be a boatman who will assist you when getting in the boat and coming out and during swimming with the dolphins


*Life Jackets are available on the boat.Please request the boat staff to assist you while snorkeling / swimming, it is part of their duty.


*Itís not guarantee to see the dolphins; itís about 90-95 percent, and itís not a guarantee to swim with them itís depending on their willing.