Diving & Watersport

Thanks to the warm Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is the perfect spot to play in the water. It’s one of the top game fishing destinations in the world, and catches include black marlin, tuna, king fish and barracuda. 
  Scuba diving and snorkelling are fabulous ways to see the veritable underwater gardens of the surrounding reefs.

With 15 different sites Kizimkazi is idyllic for all type of divers. On the west sites, beginners will enjoy their first dives in a very healthy coral reef with an abundant fish life; meanwhile experienced diver will be delighted with the east coast deeper water & plethora of pelagic fishes & Dolphins.

Visit the island of Pungume or Uzi during your stay in Kizimkazi, with its white sand beaches it is ideal to relax for the day.

Watch for dolphins during your trip on the traditional dhow boat, maybe combine this with a stop for snorkeling on the way.

Once you arrive the staff will set up a place for you to have lunch whist you explore the area both on land and in the ocean.

The Dive Sites Kizidi Reef This site is a mini wall with the top at only three to four meters and sloping down to the sandy bottom at twelve to fifteen meters and gently continuing to slope away. It is located a convenient 10 minutes from the resort by boat. This gem of a reef has an abundance of soft corals, hard corals, interesting mommies, areas of sea grass and lots and lots of fish; big Emperors, Potato Groupers, Angel fish, Black Spot Sweet lips, Blue Spotted Rays, an occasional turtle, and for the observant you may find Pipefish, Leaf fish, Nudibranches including the amazing Spanish Dancer and others. This site is excellent for the beginning diver, those doing a Discover Scuba Diving experience, for the experienced diver who enjoys searching out the small stuff, and for a nice day of snorkelling. White Reef, Mwamba Mweupe This is a lovely coral plateau at ten to fourteen meters which can have a bit of current when the tide is running. It is approximately a 30 minute boat trip from the resort and is appropriate for experienced divers. At this site you will find an abundance of Black Spotted Sweet lips, One Spot Snapper, Unicorn Fish and a variety of Angelfish. Angel Garden Named for the variety and size of angelfish found at this site, you will be amazed at the amount of life here. Semicircular, African, Royal and Goldbar Angelfish abound as well as schools of Fusiliers, Sweet lips and occasional Jacks. There are large coral outcropping from the bottom at only 12 meters which seem to attract the massive number of fish. You will almost always find a slight of current running at this site. Tindiji Reef This shallow reef offers a beautiful coral garden at a depth of four to six meters then sloping away to the sandy bottom at ten to twelve meters. The healthy hard corals offer a haven for the usual suspects on our tropical coral reef; Moorish Idol, Butterfly fish, Trumpet fish, Angelfish… If you look a bit closer and have some luck you may find Pipefish, Electric rays, Blue spotted rays, Ribbon eels, Cleaner shrimp, Moray Eels or even a giant frog fish. Dolphin Wall (25 meter wall) Named for its proximity to dolphin viewing, you are lucky if you see dolphins while diving. But the dive site won’t disappoint. The top of this wall starts at 18 to 16 meters and goes down to 25 to 28 meters. We have seen big rays, Ribbon Eels, Groupers and Napoleon Wrasse at this site. Keep one eye out to the blue as there are often passing schools of Barracuda, Jacks and the occasional Sailfish. Groupers Grotto (30 meter wall) As you would guess from the name there are Grouper at this site, some of them massive. This site is to the east of the island and is a sloping wall to depths around 35 meters where the sandy bottom gently continues to slope away. Here also have an occasional look into the blue where you may see a Black Tip Reef Shark cruising by. We have seen big rays on this site. At the top of the slope when a current is running the can be masses of fishes schooling and feeding. This is a good site for a drift dive. One Palm Reef or Mnasi Mmoja This site is easily found by looking for the solo palm on the shore. It is a sloping wall on the east of the island with the top at approximately 12 meters and sloping steeply down to 35 meters where the sandy bottom slopes gently away. Lots of varieties of Grouper are found here as well as Napoleon Wrasse. We also see green turtles at this site on occasion. With the current running this can be a fast ride drift dive. Great fun!